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Boston Children’s Museum
308 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 426-6500

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Wednesday - Sunday
2 time slots,
9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Family Membership

10% discount on all Museum
Shop purchases
20% discount on Museum Shop
purchases more than $20
10% discount on all birthday parties
One birthday party (up to $400 value restrictions apply)
1/2 price admission for
additional guests
Single use, guest passes
to give to friends
4 8
Biannual invitation to a
member-only party
Annual behind-the-scenes-tour

1. Select a benefit package
It's a smart deal! You'll save money in just 3-4 visits!

All Members Receive:
  • Free admission for 12 months
  • Member Morning/Member-Only Hours Saturdays and Sundays
  • Free admission to over 300 museums with the Association of Science and Technology Center's Travel Passport Program (restrictions apply)
  • Half price admission to over 100 museums with the Association of Children's Museum Reciprocal Network
  • Express entry
  • Special offers from community partners
  • Discount on memberships you give as gifts
  • Early e-mail notification about events and activities
2. Name your grownups
To use a membership, an adult with a membership card must be present. You'll receive a membership card for yourself and a card for two other named adults of your choice, a total of 3 adult card holders! (Biggest Membership comes with an unlimited number of named card holders.)

Need cards for more grownups?
Additional cards can be purchased for $10 each.

3. Pick the number of visitors
All memberships admit up to 4 people at a time; one of those people must be an adult cardholder. You can bring different people each time! Want to visit with a larger group? You can increase the number of people your membership admits for an annual fee of $25 per person.
What are the different membership categories?
The Museum currently offers three different membership categories. The Big Membership, the Bigger Membership, and the Biggest Membership. Each category has increasing benefits and provides increasing support to Boston Children’s Museum

What is a card holder?
To use a membership, an adult with their own membership card must be present. As a member, you will receive a membership card for yourself and cards for two other named, adults of your choice, for a total of three adult card holders. (Note, the Biggest Membership comes with an unlimited number of named card holders.) If you need cards for more grownups, they can be purchased at a cost of $10 each.

How many people does my Membership admit at a time?
All Memberships at Boston Children's Museum admit a set number of people at a time/per day. All Memberships admits a maximum of four people – unless you choose to pay an increased fee of $25 per person. Anyone who has experienced their first birthday would count as one of the four people. (Infants are admitted free.) One of the four people admitted needs to be an adult with a Membership card with their name on it. All three Memberships (Big, Bigger, and Biggest) come with cards for up to three adults. For example, you could get a membership card for yourself, one for your mother and one for your babysitter. On the first visit, you could bring yourself, your two children and one neighbor. On the second visit, your mother could visit with one of your children, her best friend and her best friend’s grandchild. On the third visit, your babysitter could bring two of your children and her child.

Can I bring in a party of four and then can another adult card holder on my Membership bring in four more people?
Your Membership admits four people (or more, if you made an adjustment) per day – even if they visit separately.

Can I visit the Museum without my Membership card?
Please bring your Membership card with you each time you visit the Museum. Visiting without your card slows down the check-in process and causes delays for your family and for others. If you do not have your card, contact the Membership office before your visit and we will get you a replacement.

When will I receive my plastic Membership card?
Plastic Membership cards are mailed once a week from a mail-house; they are not produced at the Museum. Cards are mailed to the attention of the primary member. We uses first-class mail from the United States Post office. You should expect to receive your cards in the mail no later than the last day of the month during the month following your purchase. For example, if you purchased your Membership on July 15, you should expect to receive your plastic cards in the mail by August 31. In most cases you will receive your cards much faster.

What is an Electronic Membership card?
An electronic Membership card is a simple e-mail sent to you by the Membership staff. You can save it on your phone or tablet as an e-mail, or as a screenshot/photo. You can then show the electronic card at the Membership Desk. This gives you one less thing to carry!

All I have is a print out of my e-mail confirmation. Can I visit today?
Print-outs of e-mail confirmations are always accepted as temporary Membership cards. Members may also show a copy of the confirmation e-mail on the screen of their smart-phone or other device.

I am confused about the expiration date on my temporary Membership card.
All memberships are good for 12 months...but not all cards are! When you first purchase a membership at the Admissions Desk, you are immediately issued a temporary Membership card. These cardboard cards are only good for 3 months. Your permanent Membership card will be mailed to you. Your permanent membership card will have an expiration date that is 12 months after your date of purchase.

How can I get a replacement card?
No one likes standing in line! Having your Membership card in hand helps speed up the admission process. If you have misplaced your Membership card, please contact the Membership Office or stop by the Membership Desk in the first floor lobby. For $5 per person, we will send you a new plastic card(s). There is no additional charge for an electronic Membership card.

What is the Museum’s identification policy?
Boston Children’s Museum reserves the right to check identification of members at the Admission Desk. Boston Children’s Museum Membership cards are issued only to adults and are not transferable.

Anyone using a Museum Membership card is expected to show a government issued, photo ID. The names on the Membership card and the name on the ID should match. A wide range of government issued photo ID’s will be accepted, including but not limited to a driver’s license, passport, state issued ID, voter registration card, permanent resident card, and military identification card.
If you, or your other adult card holders, do not have a government issued photo ID, please contact the Membership Office to make alternative arrangements.

Boston Children's Museum participates in two reciprocal admission programs. These programs allow our Members free and/or discounted admission at participating museums. These programs also allow the members of participating museums free and/or discounted admission to Boston Children's Museum. When you visit another participating, reciprocal museum, please remember that you are a guest and ambassador for Boston Children's Museum.

If you are a member of a reciprocal museum and would like to visit Boston Children's Museum you will need the following:
  • Your membership card from the other museum
  • The membership card must have either the ASTC or ACM logo and have an expiration date in the future.
  • A government issued photo ID that matches the name of the adult on the membership card.

Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) Travel Passport Program offers free admission to 200+ science museums when you travel! You must live 90+ miles away from the museums you visit and the reciprocal museum you are visiting must be 90+ miles away from Boston Children's Museum. List of participating museums: ASTC Passport Program PDF

Association of Children's Museums (ACM) Reciprocal Network offers free or half-price admission to over 100 children's museums (several right here in New England). List of participating museums.

Plentiful Weekday & Weekend Discounted Parking Available